User agreement

1. General provisions.
1.1.This text is an agreement between an online store «Portretyk»,In the future Determines the conditions for booking for assembly or purchase of goods through the online store website.
1.2.Visit website pages or order a resource Portretyk means the full and unconditional agreement of the buyer with the terms of this agreement. The seller considers the fact of using the WWW site. Portretyk Portretyk/LINK-NA-PS-polzovatelskoe-soglashenie
2. Terms and definitions
2.1."Product" - an assortment is presented in the online store.
2.3."Order" is a proper How the buyer's decision is designed in the online store to book fit or purchase goods.
2.4.Online Store is a www online resource. Portretyk Owned by the seller where the goods and the terms of their booking, purchase and delivery are presented.
2.5 "Buyer" is a natural or legal person who has made a decision to purchase the proposed goods in the online store in accordance with the terms of the user agreement and made the right order.
2.6 "Visitor" is a visitor to the website who visited it at least once.
2.7 "Seller" is a website administration that provides access to the WWW website. Portretyk and his services.
3.Order order
3.1.To purchase the goods in an online store, the buyer places an order using the appropriate interface located on the pages of the online store.
3.2. When placing an order, the buyer undertakes to provide reliable and accurate information about himself, his contact information and his details Order. The seller guarantees that the information received from the buyer will not be transferred to third parties, except in cases specified in Ukrainian legislation.
3.3. The buyer is fully responsible for providing false information, which led to the impossibility of correct fulfillment by the seller of his obligations towards the buyer.
3.4. When you order the goods at night Either outside the time, as well as on the day or holiday, it is considered to be received at 10 o'clock in the morning of the next working day.
3.5. When the order has been placed on the website, the Buyer receives a notification about booking or ordering the goods in SMS or to the e-mail address specified when booking. The Buyer can receive a notification of ordering the order or Its delivery from a company specializing in the delivery of the goods.
3.6.The buyer has the right to cancel the order at any time before his / her departure to the buyer, after reporting it to the Online store manager by phone or e-mail.
4.Product information
4.1.The product information is informative. They may be introduced Any changes without prior notice to buyers and visitors to the website.
4.2.Photos accompanying the product are its simple illustrations and may be different from the actual appearance of the product.Product supporting descriptions/features do not claim to be exhaustive and may contain typographical errors. To clarify the information about the product, the buyer can Contact support service. The information presented on the website is updated daily.
4.3. The online store reserves the right to expand and reduce the raw material offer on the Website, to regulate access to the purchase of all goods, and to suspend or stop the sale of all goods at its sole discretion.
5. Cost and order payment.
5.1.Payment for goods is made in the national currency of Ukraine - Hryvnias or dollars.The buyer pays the order in any convenient way offered by the online store in the Division of Goods.
5.2. When paying cash after receipt, you pay for the order during the delivery of the goods.
5.3. The seller is obliged to provide the buyer with cash or Raw goods check or other document confirming the payment of the goods.
5.4.Costs for payment of the commission according to the tariffs of the specialized resource for the transfer of payment to the seller bears the shopper.
5.5.The price of the product is indicated in the catalog.In the case of the incorrect indication by the buyer of the price of the goods, the seller notifies the buyer at the first opportunity to confirm or cancellation of an order.
5.6.The price of the product in the catalog can be changed by the seller unilaterally, and the price of the goods ordered by the buyer cannot be changed.
6. Order delivery
6.1. Delivery of the goods to the buyer is regulated according to the section on the website
6.2. The total delivery period for goods consists of the order processing period and Delivery deadline. Order processing is up to two working days. The order delivery time specified in the online store is indicative and depends onthe chosen delivery method (Delivery in Ukraine, self-removal by the buyer from the seller's store or delivery by a company specializing in the delivery of the goods) and the geographical location of the buyer.
6.3. The buyer in the presence of the courier or in the warehouse of a company specializing in the delivery of goods accepts the ordered goods according to quantity, quality and completeness.
7. Return procedure goods.
7.1.The buyer has the right to exchange purchased goods of good quality if it does not fit the shape, size, style, color, size or other reasons cannot be Used as intended for 14 days, not counting the day of purchase.
Exchange of good of good quality is carried out if the goods were not used and even if its appearance, Packaging, consumer characteristics, seals, labels as well as a raw material or cash receipt issued to the buyer together with the sold, the product has been preserved.
7.2. Upon receipt of goods of poor quality, the Buyer has the right to demand the exchange of goods of poor quality. The Seller, in the event of substantiated claims about the quality of the goods, is obliged to fulfill the buyer's requirements within Ten days from the moment of sending a written claim and electronic photos to the buyer with the image of the defects of the goods to the e-mail address.Leave back@ Portretyk. Claims must be submitted no later than 14 days after receiving the buyer.
7.3.In case of refusal of the buyer from good quality goods, the seller compensates him The amount paid for the goods, subject to the amount of expenses related to the delivery of the goods to the buyer and the export of the goods from the buyer for delivery to the seller.
7.5.If the buyer refuses From the product of poor quality, the seller compensates him with the money paid for the goods, including the amount of delivery to the buyer and from the buyer to the seller upon return.
8. Obligations of the parties
8.1.The Seller has no material liability beyond the amounts received from the Buyer as payment for services provided by the Goods.
8.2. The seller is not responsible for the disruption of the delivery time by a company specializing in freight shipping
8.3. The seller is not responsible for Force Majeure circumstances.
8.4. The parties make every effort to resolve the differences solely through negotiations.
9. The order is considered fulfilled:
a) at the actual moment Delivery of goods to the buyer or other person who was at the time of delivery at the address specified in the order and paid for the goods at the time of delivery by the seller of the seller;
b) in the moment of transfer of goods to the buyer by the organization that delivers the goods.